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WE Social | Blue Equine

WE Social | Blue Equine

Our story at Blue Equine, LLC, Fitness and Rehabilitation Center, starts with our daughter, Elle, an aspiring young athlete, and her love for horses. At just 5 years old, Elle began riding. From that moment on, not only did her passion and love for the sport grow, but her love for horses grew. Our purchase of the 200-acre plot of land where Blue Equine, LLC, now resides was, at the outset, envisioned to be a beautiful equine property that would allow Elle to train, nurture, and shelter her equine athletes. As you can imagine, developing this heavily wooded 200 acres proved to be no easy feat. Creating barns, pastures, storage facilities, outdoor arenas, and a living area was a huge undertaking that took far longer than expected.

Due to an unexpected traumatic and impactful event, this vision of a small-scale, personal equine property transformed. One of our champion barrel racing horses suffered an injury that, for many horses, would be considered career-ending. The veterinarian advised us that equine therapy would be the only chance of rehabilitation for our horse. However, residing in Louisiana, we realized that this type of therapy was not offered anywhere on the Gulf Coast. Wanting only the best quality of life and a safe recovery for our injured horse, we spared no expense. It became obvious that the Gulf Coast desperately needed a facility that could provide boarding, training, rehabilitation services, and more, to tackle this problem. After the purchase of professional training equipment, we decided to share this extraordinary initiative, experience, and results with our community. With this goal in mind, we expanded our property with the addition of 300 acres of land, riding trails, and art installations. Currently, we are building a 275-foot by 150-foot covered arena and attached therapy center with a 30-stall barn.

Since the genesis of Blue Equine, LLC, my partnership with Debbie Martin has been and continues to be integral to the success of this endeavor. Debbie has procured a lifetime of experience with horses and has developed professional relationships with some of the best in the business. We are constantly adding carefully chosen and well-trained staff to our team. It’s with pride that we deliver the best service to you and your horses, and hope to provide an experience like none other available in the Southeast. Our mission at Blue Equine, LLC, is to share our “family treatment” with your equestrian athlete through our dedication to providing an unparalleled individualized board, care, training, and/or rehabilitation service experience. 

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