February 2024

Welcome 2024! We’ve been hard at work crafting exciting features for our business leaders and readers. Stay tuned for the unveiling of these innovations throughout the year. Also, keep an eye out for our social photographers capturing moments at the upcoming parades across the Northshore!

In alignment with our commitment to social impact, we are proud to shine a spotlight on the Go Red for Women initiative as our Impact and Give Back charity. In support of Heart Health Month, this empowering movement advocates for cardiovascular health awareness, particularly among women. Dive into insightful articles that delve into the importance of heart health, inspiring stories of resilience, and ways to contribute to this vital cause. Together, let’s make a difference in the lives of those affected by heart-related issues.

As you flip through these pages, let the stories inspire you, the features inform you, and the visuals transport you to the heart of our vibrant community. We invite you to savor the richness of the Northshore experience.

Thank you for being part of the Social Northshore family. Here’s to a February filled with love, growth, and the boundless possibilities that our community holds.