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WE Social | Jaime Edwards, M.D.

WE Social | Jaime Edwards, M.D.

As an OB/GYN, Dr. Jaime Edwards sees both the joys and heartaches that come with womanhood, seeing patients through the everyday as well as the momentous. On staff at North Oaks Medical Center for a decade, she has had the opportunity to see Magnolia OB/GYN grow and develop into a thriving practice. 

Naturally, the stresses of work can get to any physician, but Edwards remains passionate about her work. “A normal day of work for me can be a life-changing event for my patients,” says Edwards, who served as past OB chair and currently serves as chair of the Network Operations Council for North Oaks Physician Group. “It’s important for me to bring my best to the women under my care.”

As many women as have influenced Edwards over the course of her career her life, her mother remains the greatest. “She’s worked hard her whole life,” Edwards says. “She sacrificed so much just to ensure that I had the best education and could follow my dreams.”

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Living along the NorthShore, Edwards loves the culture of the community. “The members of our community go out of their way to support local businesses as well as one another,” she says. “I was an active member of Junior Auxiliary of Hammond (now JA of Tangipahoa) and continue to be an associate member. I also am a donor and supporter of OPTIONS.”

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