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The Mid-Mod Life

The Mid-Mod Life

With its butterfly roof and sharp, linear design, the house that sits at 179 Judge Tanner Lane in Mandeville could easily be taken for one of the mid-century homes of Palm Springs, its black and brown stack-bond laid brick and transom windows offering homage to the architectural details so iconic to the style. While it may have only been completed in January, its signature look belies its young age, giving the impression that it could very well be a treasure plucked from an age gone by and given new life. 

It was precisely that feeling that was at the soul of Mitchell Guillot’s design for his home. His deep love for all things mid-century modern is the thread that tied it all together to create an updated take on the style that took its best aspects and married them to a modernized aesthetic. It all starts outside, with that inverted gable roof that was popularized in the 1950s by architect William Krisel. Eye-catching on its own, the roofline is but a prelude to what lies inside the home, just beyond the bright turquoise doors—and it does not disappoint. As anyone with knowledge of the era would hope, there are bright pops of color everywhere…and Shag at every turn.


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