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Supermom | Brittany DeVun

Supermom | Brittany DeVun

While technically a stay-at-home mom, Brittany DeVun has the best of both worlds, working a few days a week at DeVun Veterinary Medical Hospital in Mandeville on a part-time schedule that allows her to be there for everything her children need. Working side-by-side with her in-laws, DeVun manages and purchases the hospital’s inventory in addition to helping her mother in-law with the business side of running a hospital such as invoicing, payroll, tax entries and the employee 401k program.“ It’s rewarding for me to be available to my children when they need me, but also be able to work together as a family in different aspects of the veterinary field,” says DeVun, whose husband works in veterinary medical sales at Midwest Veterinary Supply. 

As part of a family business, the working dynamic is naturally different. But DeVun finds the work satisfying and enriching. “Being able to work with family and knowing that I’m helping where I’m needed for a local business is truly rewarding,” she says. “It’s important for people to remember that shopping small and shopping local is so important to our community, and it helps the hard-working family behind those businesses.”

DeVun also appreciates that she can share that feeling of enrichment with her children. “My kids love coming to the hospital any chance they get to lend a helping hand or just to visit with the animals and give them lots of love—and lots of treats,” DeVun says with a fond smile. “My children are recognizing how important it is to help family, but they also see the perks of working with family because I am able to step away or take time off of work to attend school functions such as class Christmas parties or volunteer opportunities for them. I never have to worry about not being there for something, and I love that my children know that I enjoy being involved in all aspects of their lives.”

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