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Bride: Katie Rose + Parker

Bride: Katie Rose + Parker

A Love Story 24 Years in the Making: Katie Rose & Parker’s Whimsical Wedding Journey

In the heart of Covington, Louisiana, beneath the shade of a centuries-old oak tree, Katie Rose Norman and Parker McConnell’s love story blossomed into a timeless celebration of devotion and unity. Their wedding, a culmination of 24 years of destiny, was a testament to the enduring power of love and the beauty of serendipity.

Katie Rose, formerly Norman, and Parker, a match written in the stars, exchanged vows on a crisp November day in 2023. Their journey, however, began long before, amidst the innocence of youth and the promise of destiny.

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In the winter of 2022, Parker’s heartwarming proposal on Christmas Day added a new chapter to their tale. With the magic of the holiday season as their backdrop, Parker knelt before Katie Rose, presenting her with a ring adorned with a mesmerizing teal sapphire—a symbol of their unique love story.

Their wedding day unfolded like a dream, with the ceremony held at the Our Lady of Perpetual Help Chapel, where Katie Rose’s alma mater, Saint Scholastica Academy, provided the perfect setting for their vows. The reception, a romantic garden affair at The Greenwood, followed by an enchanting after-party at the Southern Hotel, was nothing short of magical.

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