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Bride: Holly + Seth

Bride: Holly + Seth

Holly + Seth

-Liesel Schmidt

Holly Stewart and Seth Mabile’s first meeting in August of 2019 wasn’t so much serendipity as it was a set-up by Holly’s best friend Kaitlyn, who married Seth’s cousin and thought the two would make a cute pair. “She invited the two of us on her birthday trip to the beach, and we hit it off immediately. Since then, it’s been nothing but love and fun memories together!” says Holly.

Three years later, the fun turned into something much more when Seth proposed during their annual friend’s trip in July of 2022. “We had been discussing engagement plans, and because we had so many trips planned for the year, I never really suspected he would ask on that trip specifically,” Holly recalls. 

But Seth had it all planned out…“On the last day of our trip, we had all collectively decided to get dressed up for a last night out together,” Holly goes on. “The girls wanted to take a group picture on the beach, and as we got closer, I saw Seth standing there. Immediate tears rolled down my face. Everything was so well thought out—he had ‘Trying,’ our favorite song by Jordan Davis, playing, and he’d set up a beautiful arch with decor and champagne. The best surprise of all was that he’d coordinated for both of our families to be there waiting to surprise us after I said YES! It was such a beautiful moment, one that I will never forget.”

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Having said yes, Holly and Seth again had an incredible moment on September 16, 2023, when Holly walked down the aisle at The Greystone wearing a fitted gown with a mesh bodice and floral detailing to meet Seth at the altar. Surrounded by 250 of their nearest and dearest, the couple exchanged vows and were pronounced married before joining their guests for an onsite reception.  

The couple wanted to keep their day within a specific palette and asked guests to wear their wedding colors of black and white with champagne gold accents. All that color-coordination made for fantastic photos at the handmade photobooth wall, which was built with the intent of post-wedding use in the couple’s home together. 

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