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PYSK: Shane Venezia

PYSK: Shane Venezia

A Voice to the Voiceless


The meaning of taboo according to Mariam-Webster’s dictionary is, “banned on grounds of morality.” 

Shane Venezia is working to start a conversation surrounding a subject that makes most people uncomfortable – child abuse and human trafficking. 

As taboo as this topic is, Venezia believes it is an important one to highlight in order to help children in the community who may be experiencing abuse.

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“I personally think because a majority of people feel like ‘if I don’t look for it, it’s not there,’ is a big reason this type of abuse goes on without thought or recognition,” says Venezia. “If what was happening to children was happening to dolphins or whales, it would be all over the news. Nobody wants to see the ugliness of people involving innocent children. That’s the main taboo thing. I can’t think of anything worse than sex trafficking.”

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