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Supermom | Erica Majors

Supermom | Erica Majors

SuperMom: Erica Majors

-Liesel Schmidt

Erica Majors worked for 13 years as an ER nurse before having her first child in 2018, and then she transitioned to work of another kind, as a full-time, stay-at-home mom. As much as she loved nursing, Majors wouldn’t trade her life now for one more minute in the ER. “I’m slightly older than most of my children’s friend’s moms, but I don’t mind it,” she says. “I am so proud and thankful that I had 13 years to focus on myself and my career. Now, I’m able to give my girls 100 percent of my time! I think of it as this: I had my time. I had 13 years to advance my career as a nurse, and I did! I traveled, I gave 110 percent to my job and loved every second. But once I had Mary Michael, everything changed. I was happy to give up ‘my’ time. Since having her and Peyton, this has been their time. It’s their time to learn, grow, and have fun. I think that’s a plus of having children later in life and being fortunate enough to have a husband who can allow me to stay home.”

With a five and four-year-old at home, Majors stays busy taking them to various sports practices, games, dance class, gymnastics, and tumbling as well as coaching her daughters’ T-ball, soccer, and basketball teams. “My girls are the center of my world,” Majors says. “They definitely keep me running, but seeing them happy and thriving makes it all worth it. I had to buy a calendar this year, and everything is now color coded to keep track everything. They love being busy, and I love that they want to try everything. 

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“I’m so proud of my girls,” she goes on. “Seeing and feeling their love makes me want to be the best mom I can be. Being told by their teachers that they are kind, helpful, and a good friend at school makes my heart so full. I volunteer at Madisonville Elementary as much as I can for PTA and every time I’m there, I hear little kids yelling, ‘Hey, Mary Michael’s mom!’ My daughter said, ‘I need to teach my friends that your name is Erica,’ but I told her, absolutely not, I’m proud to be ‘Mary Michael’s mom’ or ‘Peyton’s mom.’ It makes me smile every time I hear it.” 

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