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WE Social | Shelley Hoddinott Richardson

WE Social | Shelley Hoddinott Richardson

As a senior financial advisor for Merrill Lynch, Shelley Hoddinott Richardson is used to managing a lot of details and balancing many facets of someone’s financial future. “When I was younger, I told my dad that I wanted to help people,” she says. “Now I am blessed to be able to help people financially every day, and that is something that keeps me passionate about my work.”

Being a mom as well, she’s had to learn the art of juggling all the aspects of her life. “My greatest accomplishment is being able to successfully manage being a businesswoman and being a mother of two beautiful girls,” she says. “The two in and of themselves can be very challenging at times. But they can be equally rewarding.”

Deeply inspired by the late Princess Diana, Hoddinott Richardson admires the beloved icon for many reasons. “Princess Di utilized her power to help others and wasn’t afraid to bend the rules when it came to being a great mother,” she notes.

To her younger self, Hoddinott Richardson, would simply offer this pearl of hard-won wisdom: “Be bold! Why fit in when you were born to stand out?”

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Living in the NorthShore community, Hoddinott Richardson celebrates the way it comes together in service of others. “This community is full of selfless people,” she says. “One organization that stands out to me the most is New Heights Therapy Center in Covington. So much of their work goes unnoticed, and they deserve recognition.” 

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