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Kaleigh Pedersen

Kaleigh Pedersen

There have been multiple studies on how much a mother is worth, somehow compiling data to arrive at a dollar amount that encompasses the many tasks that are undertaken each hour of each day. To say that the number is staggering is an understatement, but most of all it is a wake-up call that shines a spotlight on just how important a mother is and the many thankless jobs she does, all without financial compensation. Simply being a mother is a full-time career, but Kaleigh Pedersen has found a balance that allows her to devote her time to all the things that are important to her in addition to having a career outside of motherhood. 

 A senior sales recruiter at a Human Capital Management company called Paylocity, Pedersen seeks out the very best people in the industry and currently has half of the United States under her purview. Clearly, the responsibility is great, but it’s one that she enjoys, working from her home office to get it all done while still taking care of her family—two young children and a husband that stole her heart in high school. Despite her personal struggles with feeling as though she doesn’t quite measure up, Pedersen takes pride in how far she’s come in her career, knowing that she’s setting an example for the two little people who are watching her do what she does so well.

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