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Ashley Dragon

Ashley Dragon

While she may technically be a stay-at-home mom, former high school Spanish teacher and cheer coach Ashley Dragon is still a working mom…she just doesn’t have the paycheck that goes with it. Even so, she’s got a schedule that is demanding and keeps her on her toes, especially with her duties as PTA President of both Marigny Elementary and Lake Harbor Middle School added to the pile.

“As a mom, I’m on call 24-7,” says Dragon, who has four children between the ages of six and thirteen with her husband of 16 years, Michael. “I am the guardian of schedules for sports and tests for each child. I keep uniforms for school and sports or dance ready to go, with dinner cooked and ready throughout the week. It’s also my job to teach my children responsibility and to clean up after themselves, because—having four busy kids—stuff can pile up! That’s just at home,” Dragon enumerates. “As PTA President, I’m charged with scheduling PTA meetings and staying in constant contact with the Executive Board members about events we are planning, which are off-campus this year. I also approve budgets, create new ways to keep parents and schools in communication, and consider how we can further enrich the lives of the students and show faculty and staff how much we appreciate what they do for our children. Advocating for those who are in need is another big part of PTA.”

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