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Brandi Dalton

Brandi Dalton

Carrying on the legacy that her grandfather started in 1944, Brandi Dalton proudly wears the title of owner and operator of Nowak Dental Supplies. While her work may take a great deal of hard work and long hours, it’s something that leaves her feeling fulfilled. Over the years, it’s also become more than just a job. “Our employees are like part of our family; and a lot of them say I am like their mom, and my brother is like their dad,” says 42 year-old Dalton. “When they need something, they always come to ‘mom’!”

As much as she loves her work, there’s nothing that fulfills her more than her family—especially her children. “I could brag about my kids all day,” says Dalton, who has been married to her best friend from college for 17 years. “They’re polar opposites; my son is more of an introvert and loves making videos and operating his own YouTube channel, Thelectricleaf. He makes original videos and animations. He has such an artistic side to him and a quirky sense of humor. My daughter, on  the other hand, is an extreme extrovert. She is incredibly strong-willed, very athletic, and a social butterfly to boot.  She is currently working on becoming a black belt in Tae Kwon Do while doing gymnastics, tumbling, and occasionally dancing,” she says of 13 year-old Kahle and six year-old Kenzie.  


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