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Kevinnie Dreher

Kevinnie Dreher

Being a working mother is always a juggling act, but Kevinnie Dreher takes all that to a whole new level. With three jobs in the mix as a registered nurse at Lakeview Regional during the nightshift, an Aetna Family Nurse Practitioner during the day, the owner and operator of The Winewives, she wears many hats—and that doesn’t even include the one she wears as the mother of three children between the ages of eight and five. 

Even with all of that, she wouldn’t trade a minute of it for a less hectic life. “It’s very fulfilling to do all of this and be a working mother,” says 31 year-old Dreher, who has been married to her husband Billy, a high school basketball coach, for 10 years. “I am motivated every single day to be the best healthcare provider and business owner that I can be to set an example for my tiny humans. I’m showing them that with, hard work, you can do anything that you set your mind to. No goal is out of reach. I have earned three degrees while working full time plus some and running a rapidly growing company—often breastfeeding twins while studying flash cards, writing papers at my husband’s basketball games and on work lunch breaks, taking day trips to cities across the U.S. to launch a Winewives chapter while FaceTiming a school performance, and grabbing sleep in between soccer games at Pelican Park.”

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