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PYSK | Megan Haggerty

PYSK | Megan Haggerty

The lush mountains turned back into plains and then into swampy marshland, and I just bet “country road, take me home,” were the lyrics ringing through the speakers of Megan Haggerty’s car as she drove from Knoxville, Tennessee back towards her hometown of Slidell. She had just finished her master’s at the University of Tennessee, but decided it was time to start a family in the place she was raised.

“I actually married my high school sweetheart, Sean Haggerty, and we now have four children Sean Patrick (15), Alex (14), Mia (10), and Luke (6),” Megan describes.

“So, all of our favorite outings primarily revolve around the kids’ activities!  We spend a lot of time at various tennis clubs like Stone Creek or Crossgates to watch our boys. Mia is very committed to dance and loves her Infinity Dance Production family. On occasion, Sean and I are able to squeeze in a date night,” she jokes. “You will find us at Nathan’s, because it’s the absolute best food in St. Tammany!”

Immersing herself in the local culture, Megan took on the role as Business Development Director at the St. Tammany Chamber of Commerce. Her goal was to be a beacon of light at the Chamber and help businesses navigate through the uncharted times of COVID-19. “My time there as the Business Development Director was so rewarding. I had the opportunity to meet so many of our business owners and professionals, from both large and small sectors.  They are all the backbone of our great parish. While our parish has so many personalities between the different towns, one Parish Chamber helps unite the business communities and help St Tammany prosper and grow,” says Megan. 

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The love of the NorthShore for Megan doesn’t just stop at family, businesses, and the people who make up this great parish, but it also engulfs that of our four-legged friends. Joining the Humane Society as the Development Director, Megan’s new mission is to see a special and unprecedented project through to completion. 

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