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Supermom | Ashley Cash

Supermom | Ashley Cash

After running her own business as a wedding planner and designer for almost a decade, Ashley Cash had to pivot in 2020 and meet the market where it was at. With events being at a standstill, Cash turned full-time to balloon artistry, creating beautiful balloon garlands and displays for clients. Now, The Graceful Host Shop in Covington has become a one-stop source for all things party, including party supplies and décor for all occasions, as well as gift wrap, cards, and gifting items. The colorful, fun retail party shop also features a balloon bar for walk-in or call-ahead helium balloon bouquet orders, and they are widely known for their balloon installations while also offering party planning and design services.  

With so much on her plate in running the shop and all its many facets, active parenting could fall by the wayside, but Cash is dedicated to being present for her two boys—though she freely admits she struggles to balance everything. “I am often asked how I do it all, and my answer is always that I’m not!” says Cash, whose husband has a job that demands an extensive amount of travel. “It’s impossible to do all the things and be all the things for everyone all the time. I frequently use the analogy of juggling. At any given moment, I’m juggling a lot of balls; but I prioritize my juggling act and which balls can drop because they really aren’t that important. I don’t have it all figured out, by any means. But I do make it a habit to reflect each month and take stock of what worked and what didn’t—both in my personal family life and in my business. This has helped me make necessary changes to systems and practices that weren’t serving me well, and I lean into those things that are serving me well.”

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