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Bride | Randy + Elizabeth

Bride | Randy + Elizabeth

Love and Marriage…

-Liesel Schmidt

There’s a certain order to things: Boy meets girl, they date, they fall in love, boy asks girl to marry him, girl says yes…and while Elizabeth Nader and Randy Tumminello may have followed said order for the most part, Randy may have jumped ahead just a little on that last part. 

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After meeting through mutual friends in the summer of 2019, Randy and Elizabeth began dating; and over the next year and a half, they realized that they wanted more. As Christmas of 2020 descended, Randy took the opportunity to seize the festivity of the season to make his move by hanging a “We’re Engaged!” ornament on the Christmas tree. “He was just waiting for me to notice,” recalls Elizabeth with a laugh. “Once I did, he got down on one knee, and all our family and friends came out from hiding to surprise me!”

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