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Supermom | Megan Helwick

Supermom | Megan Helwick

With her slogan of “Your Realtor, Your Friend,” Megan Helwick obviously makes building lasting relationships with her clients a top priority in her work—and she has that same incredible dedication to being a mom. An agent since 2014, Helwick was determined to be successful from the minute she started her career, but she also realized the importance of not sacrificing her family to achieve that success. 

“Being a mom and a Realtor is a constant balancing act of keeping up with the demands of growing a thriving real estate business along with the day-to-day routine of keeping the household going,” says Helwick, a Keller Williams Realty Services member. “My amazing husband plays a large role in maintaining this with me. I could not do it alone. He’s a huge support in all we do and accomplish.”

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