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Impact and Give Back | Kendra Cares

Impact and Give Back | Kendra Cares

The Beauty of Caring

-Liesel Schmidt

Childhood is a time that should be filled with magic, possibility and endless wonder. But for many children, those years of innocence are shadowed by the worries of medical issues that necessitate long hospital stays filled with doctors’ consultations, examinations, treatments, tests and surgeries. 

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As part of an ethos that makes philanthropy a tenet of the brand, Kendra Scott has created the Kendra Cares program, giving the children in pediatric hospitals and their caregivers a much-needed respite from their daily reality to design and customize their own piece of jewelry, at no cost to them. “Kendra came up with the idea while touring the pediatric floor at MD Anderson in Houston,” says Carol Anne Massey, Regional Marketing and Philanthropic Manager for the Gulf Coast/Louisiana region. “This was the same hospital that treated her stepfather for cancer. She wanted to give patients a break from their challenges and give them a sense of joy and normalcy to their lives. Through our Kendra Cares program, we offer a creative arts program that brings the magic and joy of our Color Bar™, and at the same time, we are able to support local communities in a very big way.

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