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Belle Maison | One House, Two Homes

Belle Maison | One House, Two Homes

One House, Two Homes

-Liesel Schmidt

Looking at the white sided façade of the four-level home built by Frank Stuart and Vince Luizza, one would be hard-pressed to identify this as anything other than a beautifully designed home, unified in its aesthetic and offering of a nod to traditional Southern architecture while maintaining modern appeal. But a closer examination would reveal that its interior spaces are not those of one home—but two.

“We decided to build what appears to be one house but is actually two separate residences,” says Luizza, who co-owns Liuzza Realty Group, Southern Window Accents and the recently launched Pinnacle Staffing Solutions with Stuart. “I would describe the architectural style as Southern transitional—this aesthetic typically includes features such as large front porches, tall ceilings, columns, and symmetrical facades, all of which are traditional Southern elements. At the same time, it also incorporates modern elements such as clean lines, minimalist design, and contemporary materials like glass and metal. The result is a unique blend of traditional Southern charm and modern sophistication.”

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After securing the homesite in January of 2021, Stuart and Luizza hired Livio Designs to be the lead design team of the project. The firm worked closely with Stuart for 18 months to choose every color and finish of the exterior—from the porches and paint to the pool and rooftop deck—as well as the interior of Stuart/Liuzza residence on the second floor. “There are numerous elements that immediately grab your attention when first laying eyes on this charming property,” says Luizza. “It could be the wrought iron fence that serves as an entryway from the lakefront, the majestic oak tree located in the front yard, or the impressive grand staircase leading to our own front door.”

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