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Community Leader | Candy Morse Modeen

Community Leader | Candy Morse Modeen

Welcome to the NABORhood

-Liesel Schmidt

With as large as the real estate industry is, there are naturally some who view their work as the means to an end, driven by the commission rather than a passion for their clients. But for the REALTORS® who see their work as a calling, the transactional relationships they create with their clientele are built into genuine connections, and the sales they help facilitate become the foundation of a community.

It is that kind of passion that drives Candy Morse Modeen in her work along the Northshore. A member of the real estate industry for the past 25 years in addition to being co-owner and broker of RE/MAX Northlake Associates, Modeen was elected the 2023 President of the Northshore Area Board of REALTORS® (NABOR) after being a member since 1994 and four years of sitting on the board of directors. She served as secretary from 2020 until 2021, then was nominated and elected as president-elect in 2022, which led to her current position as president for 2023. “Serving as a member of our local board has been a true joy and highlight of my real estate career,” Modeen says. “My only regret is taking so long to really engage in what was happening beyond my circle of daily work. From the National Association of REALTORS® (NAR), to our state association, Louisiana REALTORS® (LR) and all other nine local real estate boards in Louisiana, there are so many people who are working, whether as employee or volunteer, to support, promote, educate, and protect not only our members, but also our clients! Once I opened my eyes and began to truly appreciate the hard work of these individuals, I quickly realized that it was my time to stop taking and start giving! I believe the longevity of my career and my reputation as a hard-working, full-time REALTOR® was instrumental in securing my current position as president.”

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A member-based trade association and local board of REALTORS® established to assist its members in the business of real estate, NABOR provides its members with discounts, continuing education, professional development, and networking opportunities. Real estate licensees who join NABOR also become members of the state association and the National Association of REALTORS®. With a mission to “empower REALTORS® as they preserve, protect, and advance the right to real property for all,” NABOR is extremely driven to meet the needs of REALTOR® members and provide both accountability and resources to further the education, efficacy, and success of the real estate professionals on its board. Naturally, that bears greatly on the client experience as well as their ability to close a deal in the most advantageous way.

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