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SuperDad | John McAndrew

SuperDad | John McAndrew

At 32, John McAndrew may not be what one expects to see in the role of a self-employed public adjuster and owner of his own business, but the Navy vet has created a career representing property owners in accurately assessing their damages and repair costs as well as negotiating with the carrier to ensure they receive a fair payout. When he’s not adjusting insurance claims, the owner of MG Claims and Consulting is visiting prospective job sites for local construction companies and estimating their building or project costs. 

In owning the company and working primarily from his home office after site visits, McAndrews has a unique advantage: family time. The young husband and father is raising a baby girl with his wife, Brandi, a native of the New Orleans area who owns The Aesthetic Haus, both of them building businesses while still making time together with their child a priority. “Being a father is truly indescribable,” McAndrews says. “It’s one of the most challenging and rewarding things that one can experience. Much of my energy and focus is directed towards making her feel so special and loved. Nothing will make you smile more than seeing your child’s face when they’re excited to see you. It’s like you’re the only person in the world to them. Fortunately, my work schedule still allows me to be flexible, spend quality time with her, and schedule trips for us to go on.”

As much as work entails, McAndrews knows that when his daughter is old enough to understand, she will see the difference her father is making for his clients. “She will eventually see that my main focus is to help people who are going through some of their toughest times and are almost ready to give up,” he says. “My relationship with my clients usually becomes a friendship because of the severity of their burden that we both carry during the claims and rebuilding process.”

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For McAndrew, work has been an incredible learning experience that has, in some ways, prepared him for the uncertainties of fatherhood.  “After Hurricane Ida, we all witnessed tragic loss and damages to Louisiana,” says McAndrew, who moved to the Mandeville area in 2021. “In my line of work, I was meeting with local business owners nearly every day who lost just about everything, but somehow, they still stayed upbeat. The people of New Orleans and Louisianans have a pride in their sense of home that is unmatched. I learned from that experience that you can’t do the hard things by yourself. It takes a community, a support system, and a positive mindset.” 

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