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SuperMom: Tiffani Ducote

SuperMom: Tiffani Ducote

“Special needs.” It’s a term given to children who have just that: special needs due to a developmental delay or physical disability. While their needs are great, the effect they have on those around them is even greater, encouraging the growth and development of everyone else to be their best selves. 

For Tiffani Ducote, being the mother of a child with Down Syndrome has taught her an immeasurable amount about life—and connecting with the world around her. Raising two boys she and her husband adopted at birth, Ducote has also learned how to multi-task with her work as a Program Manager within the Information Services division at Ochsner Health System, her family, and her community involvement. While it may keep her head spinning at times, she wouldn’t have it any other way. “I enjoy multi-tasking and being involved in the community and making an impact for my local disability community,” says Ducote, who serves on the board for UP21 (St. Tammany’s local Down Syndrome organization) and is acting president for Exceptional Abilities, Ochsner’s Employee Resource Group dedicated to supporting the disability community. “I can’t put into words the fulfillment all of it provides for me as a human being.”

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