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Community Leader | Shane Purvis

Community Leader | Shane Purvis

A Man with a Plan

-Liesel Schmidt

Reality looks a whole lot different for Shane Purvis than he imagined it would, back when he was in college at Southeastern. In fact, the young college student had no intention of a career in finance—the only reason he was pursuing anything related to the big bad world of finance was because he wanted to be well-rounded and knowledgeable about business, for the sole purpose of owning his own music store. 

But just as video killed the radio star, the internet brought about the imminent demise of music stores. Luckily for Purvis, his dream shifted before it even took off. “I had a chance opportunity to begin working as a part-time teller in 2008 while I was in school and had a string of great managers and mentors who inspired me,” says Purvis, who is now Vice President, SBA Lending Program Lead at Fidelity Bank. “I find myself in this industry for a decade-and-a-half and have a hard time imagining what it would be like doing anything else. I’ve done everything from working as a teller to a consumer lender to a learning and development specialist and business banker, and I’ve had great fun along the way. All of those experiences have helped give me the tools to be successful in my current position.”

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That current position entails managing Fidelity Bank’s Small Business Association (SBA) Loan Portfolio and assisting lenders with preparing files for submission for approval. “In a nutshell, I’m the go-to person for all things SBA at Fidelity Bank,” Purvis explains. “I enjoy helping people, both co-workers and clients alike. The satisfaction of being able to use my expertise to help a client get access to the capital they need to grow and to show other lenders how to replicate that success is very rewarding.”

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