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Bride | Gabi + Nic

Bride | Gabi + Nic

Gabi + Nic

-Liesel Schmidt

“If you could marry your best friend, the rest of your life will be an adventure.”

Both born and raised in Mandeville, Gabi Cerise and Nic Yeager met at Fontainebleau Junior High School in 2010. The friendship that they formed there was one that naturally—almost unwittingly—turned into love over time. “Nic and I were always in the same friend group, and all of our friends would joke and tell us that we were literally like the same person,” Gabi explains of how their relationship began. “People would say, ‘Gabi is the girl version of Nic, and Nic is the guy version of Gabi.’ We’ve been best friends for as long as I can remember, but it wasn’t until senior year at LSU that we actually started dating.”

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After Nic formally asked her to be his girlfriend, the two became inseparable and deepened their relationship even further. After graduation in 2019, they moved to Corpus Christi, Texas, and began their adult lives and careers, sure that they wanted to forge into the future together. Two years later, Nic asked Gabi another question that would change their relationship forever when he asked her to marry him during a family trip to Miramar Beach, Florida, in June of 2021.

“Gabi and I took a walk on the beach at sunset, and there were two weddings going on that we had to walk around,” says Nic, describing how the carefully planned and meticulously orchestrated day played out. “At that point, we were facing towards the hotels where both sets of our parents were all hiding until I got down on one knee. Once we passed all of the weddings, I was finally able to ask Gabi to marry me. With all of the emotions going on inside of my head, I literally forgot to put the ring on her finger!”

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