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Community Leaders | Maura Donahue and Lauren Andrews

Community Leaders | Maura Donahue and Lauren Andrews

Color Me Red

-Liesel Schmidt

As mother and daughter, Lauren Andrews and Maura Donahue have a close relationship, but the two also work together at DonahueFavret Contractors, Inc., where Maura is partner and EVP of the commercial construction company and Lauren the Business Development Coordinator as well as a partner. While they may see a great deal of each other at work, the mother and daughter duo also served as co-chairs of the American Heart Association’s Go Red Campaign on the Northshore. 

“In 2020 when the American Heart Association brought the Go Red for Women luncheon to the Northshore, Mom and I attended it,” says Andrews. “We have been supporters of the organization for many years and have always had a great deal of respect for the work that the non-profit does. I was truly impressed by the number of women that came together to show their support for the Go Red message. Fast forward to a year later, around April of 2021, and Mom and I had a meeting with Brittany Gay and Tricia Otis. They were wondering if the two of us would be interested in co-chairing the 2022 campaign. Honestly, there was not much for us to think about—we were in!”

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Both women have personal reasons for advocating heart health, making them all the more passionate about spreading the message of Go Red’s annual campaign. “Heredity and lifestyle are huge factors in our heart health during our lifetime,” says Donahue. “You can’t alter your heredity, but you can be aware of the risks you face because of your family history. Lifestyle is one we can do something about, and being aware of the factors that cause heart issues is critical to our lifespan and the quality of that lifespan. I lost my grandfather when he was 48 years old to a massive heart attack, and I later lost my father to the same—probably a combination of heredity but also unhealthy life choices. My sweet husband, Jack, had open heart surgery 25 years ago for double bypass. So this is all very personal to me. I want to make sure my children know their heredity and can make good choices. Looking forward, I fear for our grandchildren. I guess it all comes down to educating ourselves, our children and our grandchildren on the importance of their heart health.”

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