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Supermom | Martha Cossich

Supermom | Martha Cossich

SuperMom: Martha Cossich

-Liesel Schmidt

As a board-certified pediatric nurse practitioner on staff at the Children’s Hospital Pediatrics Clinic in Covington, Martha Cossich specializes in children’s primary care. While her professional life may revolve around children, that doesn’t change when she hangs up her white coat.

The mother of two, Cossich and her husband have been married for nine years and showing their children an example of teamwork, love and dedication. That dedication extends, of course, to her work—and to making sure that both aspects of her life are given the focus they need. “It’s a juggling act that requires careful planning and organization,” she says. “I try to create a balance between work and family, but it can be challenging to manage both at the same time. Striking a balance between work and family is a key goal I strive for. I’m grateful to have a career that allows me to make a difference in the lives of children, while also allowing me to be there for my family. This gives me the chance to experience personal and professional growth, and it also gives my family the opportunity to thrive.

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Being a working mother, I believe it is especially important to model a healthy work-life balance for my children,” she goes on. “For them, it is essential to learn that work and family life are both equally important. It will facilitate their development of empathy and understanding for others, which will help them to raise compassionate children in the future.”

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