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Supermom | Tayler Landry

Supermom | Tayler Landry

SuperMom: Tayler Landry

-Liesel Schmidt

As the owner of Evolve Studio, Tayler Landry knows well the meaning of balance and dedication. While her work in running two locations requires a different type of both, Landry’s home life requires balance and dedication to her family: three little ones and a husband who all depend on her to keep things running smoothly. 

Married almost a decade to her husband Justin, Landry loves the life they share with their children, ages seven, five, and one. “My kids are full of life, adventure, and personality,” says 35 year-old Landry. “Estelle loves to dance, Jude is working on becoming a star soccer player, and Gabe loves his food more than any child I’ve ever met. We call him the one-year-old foodie. My husband and I love to cook, be outdoors and active. My husband also teaches classes at the studio although he has a full-time career in real estate development with Stirling Properties. We try to do everything together as a family, as crazy as it can be sometimes, because we know moments together are precious and time moves way too fast!”

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With so much on her plate, Landry naturally faces challenges in getting it all done. “Being a working mom means long days and even longer to-do lists,” she says. “My businesses are like my fourth and fifth children; and as a business owner, work never stops. In most jobs, leaving for the day is when the workday ends. My work starts the second I open my eyes and ends when I go to bed. My clients are like family, as well, and I am always there for them. Over the years, I have had to work on balancing work, kids, and homelife very intentionally. Time management, planning, organization, and boundary setting have helped me be successful in finding the best balance possible. Still, it’s a daily learning experience as my businesses and kids grow. I never stop, but I like it that way!”

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